Canna Terra Professional, 50 liters
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Canna Terra Professional, 50 liters

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Canna Terra Professional is a fantastic medium which offers many advantages to the gardener and his plants.

The substrate is composed of selected high quality peat types and perlite ti improve the air-moisture-balance.
The production is held under strict quality control.

Canna Terra Professional is a 100% natural organic product free of harmful viruses or soil diseases and low on weed seeds and other micro-organisms.
The substrate is a lightly pre-fertilised medium and meets the strictest standards of the RHP quality mark.
It differs from other soil-substrates by is's first class raw material, fine structure and purity.
Canna terra Professional is very suitable as soil conditioner.

  • Loosen the substrat before filling the pot.
  • Airily fill the pot half, place the plant in the middle and then fill the pot completely.
  • Add water. Possibly add Canna Rhicotonic to improve rooting.
  • Water with nutrient solution after the first initial drought preferably with the appropriate fertilisers such as Canna Terra Vega and Canna Terra Flores.
  • Nitrogen (N): 160 mg/l
  • Phosphorus (P): 90 mg/L
  • Potassium (K): 110 mg/l
  • pH-value: 6,0
  • EC-value: 1.0 mS/cm
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Sehr gute Erde

5 of 5 stars
by Peter on 3/1/14

Ich habe sehr gute Erfahrungen mit dieser Erde gemacht, perfect für jedes Entwicklungsstadium der Pflanzen, das erste mal Düngen sollte man bei dieser Erde erst nach etwa 3 Wochen, in dieser Zeit saugen die Ladys noch alles was sie brauchen aus der ohnehin vorgedüngten Erde. Kann ich jedem Empfehlen und werde diese Erde selber immer verwenden!

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