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Finally, indoor growers with smaller cultivation spaces who have never had the opportunity to utilize Co2 now have a safe, reliable, easy to set-up and cost effective product that works: The Co2 Boost!

The Co2 Boost will take your indoor gardening success to the next level - just plug in the Co2Boost pump and watch as your plants health and size increase daily! If used properly, Co2Boost provides your plants with Co2 for a full 90 days.

CO2 Boost increases the metabolism of the plant to up to four times of the normal value, if applied under the right climate circumstances:
  • Increase the temperature in your growing space to at least 30 °C, but don't exceed 34 °C
  • reduce exhaust fan activity to 10% or switch your fan off completely, so the CO2 won't be blown over
  • Use in growing rooms up to 2m² size, like a Homebox or a Dark Room
If you follow these instructions, your harvest can be increased by up to 20% easily.
We are selling the Co2 Boost euro, adapted to line voltage and connectors common in central Europe.
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Co2 Boost
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