Coco nutrients

As coco substrates do not buffer the nutrients like soil, special fertilisers are necessary for growing on coco. We offer a wide variety of nutrients especially for that delicate purpose.
Green House Feeding Bio Starter Kit
{"list_position":24,"systype":"article","name":"Green House Feeding Bio Starter Kit","id":"13700","list_name":"tree-670"}
Canna COGr Buffer Agent 5L
{"list_position":25,"systype":"article","name":"Canna COGr Buffer Agent 5L","id":"08282","list_name":"tree-670"}
Canna COGr Buffer Agent 1L
{"list_position":26,"systype":"article","name":"Canna COGr Buffer Agent 1L","id":"08281","list_name":"tree-670"}
Jungle Boost Grow&Motherplant Mix 5000g
{"list_position":27,"systype":"article","name":"Jungle Boost Grow&Motherplant Mix 5000g","id":"06533","list_name":"tree-670"}
HESI Starter-Kit Coco
Articles combined in set
{"list_position":28,"systype":"article","name":"HESI Starter-Kit Coco","id":"04440","list_name":"tree-670"}
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