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Cold water/Ice extraction - 2 bags

Cold water/Ice extraction - 2 bags
Cold water/Ice extraction - 2 bags #0 Cold water/Ice extraction - 2 bags #1
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This simple and ingenious construction produces premium bubble hash, inexpensive and without any chemicals.

Dimensions: Diameter: 15 cm, Height: 30cm
Comes with the following mesh screens: 1 x 73micron, 1 x 190micron
What you need in addition:
2 buckets
1 spatula or a plastic card
1 electric mixer or blender
ice cubes
and these filter bags (included)


1. Put your trimmings and buds into a bucket filled with very cold water. Add the ice cubes
2. blend this 10-30 minutes
3. Let it stand for about 30 minutes, continually add ice since the colder the better.
4. Put the filter bag 1 (190micron) into a new bucket. Pour in the watered plants, it will look green and foamy. The plant mush may be used a second time.
5. Repeat the process, starting with a large-meshed filter bag, then the finer-meshed one and so on. Always put the screen into a new bucket and fill in the green colored water.
6. What remains in the bags is a brownish-green mud. Scrape it off with a spatula or plastic card and let it dry... That's it!
The finer the filter, the lesser the final amount - but it is also more potent!


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Ohne Titel

5 of 5 stars
by jens on 7/16/04

ich hab so nen set schon länger an start und nehm es vor allem für die weiterverarbeitung von resten nachdem ich die buds seperat getrocknet habe. alle reste von der pflanze schneid ich klein und verarbeite sie wie angegeben. das eis besorg ich mir, indem ich für einen durchgang 3-4 3 liter gefrierbeutel mit wasser fülle und im gefrierschrank zu eis werden lasse. dann alles rein, wie beschrieben arbeiten, wobei ich mir ne bohrmaschine mit nem mörtelrührer besorgt habe. und e voila, super sache. vor allem viel besser als der pollenschaker.

They do their job

5 of 5 stars
by Cpt.Evergreen on 5/19/16

Was the first bags i used and im happy with what i got.


4 of 5 stars
by J on 2/29/16

I did get a good amount of nice quality extract BUT the stuff just went straight through the bags and colored the water black. I had to boil the remaing water and separate the extract from that.

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