ETI UAL T / CL1 Fused Ballast 250 Watts for HPS and MH
ETI UAL T / CL1 Fused Ballast 250 Watts for HPS and MH #0

ETI UAL T / CL1 Fused Ballast 250 Watts for HPS and MH

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ETI ballast for HPS and MH bulbs. Conventional ballasts like this one have been used to ignite HPS and metal halide lamps for many years.

Conventional ballasts have the particular advantage of a significantly lower price as compared to electronic ballasts, and their wiring is absolutely straightforward.

The ballasts of the UAL / CL1 series consist of a compact housing, in which ballast, ignitor and capacitor are integrated and already connected.
This helps to avoid improper connections and also offers a much more compact housing in comparison to conventional multi-part ballasts.

ETI ballasts from the UAL T series feature a built-in thermal protection. This protection prevents overheating of the ballast, which can be triggered by aging bulbs.
If the internal temperature exceeds the safety limit, the thermal switch will disconnect the device from mains power, thus preventing damage to gear and connected electronic devices.
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