Ecolizer Basics A&B 1 Litre
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Ecolizer Basics A&B 1 Litre

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Ecolizer Basics A&B 20 litre
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Ecolizer Basics A&B 1 Litre
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This bio-mineral nutrient is fine-tuned to the complex growth pattern of the germinating plant, during which the absorption of the various elements in the growth medium rapidly varies.

Ecolizer Basics A+B contains a balanced mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is composed of components of food-grade quality without bulking agents.

In principle, the substrate does not have to be rinsed and drained. However, with an eye to a healthy soil life, we recommend that you do this once every fourteen days.

Ecolizer Basics A+B is very stabile and economical to use. The base nutrient can be used with any substrate and for any crop.

Ecolizer Basics A+B is available in containers of five, ten and twenty litres.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Take care:

- For the growth schedule, tap water with an EC-value of 0.5 can be assumed. In some regions the EC-value may vary, however. With a lower EC-value, the schedule can be applied as such. Is the EC-value of the tap water higher (e.g. 0.8), raise the EC-value in the schedule pro rata (with 0.3).

- The higher the EC-value of the tap water, the more substances it contains that plants do not like (chlorine, sodium). In that case, rinse the substrate every 7 to 8 days.

- With growth on hydro, drip in the slates with a solution with an EC-value of 0.8-1.0 in the first week and adjust the pH-value to 5.8.

- By regularly measuring the pH-value of the drain water, a lot of useful information can be gathered on the condition of the substrate. With a healthy root system, the pH-value of the substrate may rise. With a bad root system, the pH-value
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