Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs are an alternative to classic HPS lamps. They are efficient, long-lived and rather inexpensive because they almost always work without an external ballast.
ESL Taifun 200W - various models
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ESL Elektrox 250W - various models
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ESL Elektrox 200W - various models
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ESL Elektrox 125W - various models
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ESL Taifun 250W - various models
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ESL Taifun 85W - various models
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ESL Elektrox 85W - various models
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CFL 250W lighting kits - various versions
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Energy-saving eco lamps have their ballast already built in, which makes the costs of acquisition more tolerable in comparison with the HPS bulbs. Another advantage is the low waste heat, so that shouldn't be a problem for your environment control.

These energy-efficient bulbs can be screwed into just any socket, yet they are rather heavy. Some of the smaller reflectors and fixtures or holders might get bent. Specially designed reflector systems for energy-saving lamps are more sturdy.
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