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Exhaust - Fan Packet 1200 m³/h - 250mm

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Exhaust - Fan Packet 1200 m³/h - 250mm
Exhaust - Fan Packet 1200 m³/h - 250mm #0
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Vorteilsset Grow


Exhaust and odor control play a vital role in indoor growing. This set the basics for a good start.

The packet comes with:

  • 1 - Activated Carbon Filter 250mm - 1,800m³/h, filters reliably all kinds of odors from the exhaust air.
  • This filter is equipped with top-quality and long-lasting CTC 70 Activated Charbon which works effectively in growing spaces with an air humidity of up to 85%. The cheap alternatives with CTC 55 carbon often are unsuited for îndoor growing and can't guarantee effective deodorization.
  • 1 - PK Fan 250mm - 1,200m³/h, reliably and quiet.
  • Flexible plastic duct hose diam. 125mm, 2 meters on a roll, no insulation for noise reduction.
  • 2x duct hose clamps to connect the hoses with fan and filter.
If you need the flexible duct hose in another length, please state that on your order form under "comment."

How to find the right Fan

First of all determine the size of your room.
We don't go into detail here, but it's better to choose a slightly larger fan rather than one smaller because excessive heat can damage your plants.

How to measure the volume of a room:

1. Determine the room size
Height x width x depth of the room (e.g. 2.5m x 3 m x 2.5m=6,56)
2. Compensation for the carbon filter
Add approx. 35% to the room volume to compensate for the carbon filter which reduces the effect (18.75m² x 0.35=6,56)
3. Compensation for the duct hose
One meter hose corresponds to approx. 1m² -» e.g. the duct hose from our packet - 2 x 1= 2m²
4. Calculation of the intake volume
All the air in a room should be completely changed 12 times per hour (room volume multiplied with 12). For boxes multiply with 30 due to the higher temperatures. 12x(18.75 + 2 + 6,56) = 327 m³

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