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GHE - Total Gro 10 Liters

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GHE - Total Gro 10 Liters
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GHE has been working at the "One Part TM Bio Active Nutrient Projekt" for a long time. Now they developed a nutrient that is not only a fertilizer but a complete new nutrient. It also enhances the active substances and oils of medicinal and culinary

One Part is an exhaustive mix of macro elements, packed in a single bottle for each cycle: Total Gro for the vegetative growth, and Total Bloom for flowering and fruiting. It is an ideal tool for beginners and meets the expectations of the most demanding professional thanks to the complexity of its formulation.

Total Gro - Total Bloom:
Each bottle contains 2 different components: The most complete micro blend in the industry, and an elaborate mix of macro elements. Of course, each is buffered to avoid an excessive swing of pH in the nutrient solution.

Many more elements than formerly suspected are involved in the process and by adding them to a nutrient solution, it is possible to achieve incredible results. Total Gro is an exact synthesis of current research.

The way a plant is fed in the early part of its life will be a prime factor in the quality and quantity of the final harvest. Investigation revealed the impact of the vegetative life of the plant on yields, and the way elements are stored to help the plant flower. The very complex macro blend in Total Gro incorporates the results of this research, promoting the fastest start in the best conditions. One Part is designed for hard water, so you don't need any additives for stimulation. Just use Total Gro for the vegetative state and Total Bloom for the flowering stage.

If you have softened water (i.e. more than 90mg/L Ca) or you use a filter for reverse osmosis, then you should add Calcium particularly during the growing phase. You may use just about any source of calcium, powdered plaster, gypsum, chalk crayon ( 4g per 10 liters).


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