Green Buzz Clean-Fruits, 5000ml
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Green Buzz Clean-Fruits, 5000ml

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Green Buzz Clean-Fruits, 5000ml
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Green Buzz Clean-Fruits, 1000ml
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Buzz Green Clean Fruits is the solution for a faster leaching of nutrients.

With Clean Fruits :
  • ... all the unwanted nutrients will be flushed out from the very first application to the end of the flowering phase quickly and thoroughly from the plants and the medium
  • ... the fruits can significantly improve their taste thanks to the thorough washing out of all remaining nutrients
  • ... the fruits do not taste of fertiliser residues anymore (as it is often the case especially when an excessive use of PK-containing fertilisers has been the case)
  • ... the application of enzymes and other chemically desalinated means for flushing the medium is finally obsolete
  • ... eutrophication symptoms are resolved quickly and effectively
  • ... the substrate can be used again directly after treatment
  • also get an enzyme replacement which can be used throughout the entire life cycle of the plant

  • Shake before each use
  • For watering during the last weeks of flowering: 2 ml per 1 liter of water. The plants should be rinsed at each watering with Clean Fruits until the leaves lose their leaf color.
  • As an enzyme replacement: 2 ml per 1 liter of water. The plants should be poured once every two weeks
  • Eutrophication phenomena : 5ml per 1 liter of water. The plants should be rinsed until they take on a natural leaf coloration once again.
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