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GroWall - hydroponic vertical Growing System

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GroWall - hydroponic vertical Growing System
GroWall - hydroponic vertical Growing System #0
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The GroWall hydroponic Growing system is designed for vertical use and allows irrigation by dripper, continuous or intermittent. Benefiting from gravity, this growing method provides the perfect mix of nutrients and oxygen for fast plant growth.
From now on, walls can be used to create and expand growing areas.

Easy and quick installation
The GroWall system can be installed in no time. In fact, it comes with everything you need for mounting to the wall. Growalls are also very easy to fit into one another (for this purpose you might need further accessories).

Facile operation and maintenance
Activating the system is very simple. Once the medium is placed into the containers, all you have to do is to close the lid to prevent the growing-medium from exposure to light. The individual compartments allow easy access to the plants and monitoring of their root growth. The external piping gives access to every part of the system, so you can control its functioning.

Several irrigation methods possible
The Growall system offers the following options: Drop-by-drop (dripper), intermittent or continuous irrigation.

Maximized yield of space and light output
With its vertical growing area the GroWall system allows your plants to absorb all the light for maximum use of energy and space. Placed on a wall, the growing area will require fewer lamps than it would on the ground. Since it is projected on a wall diffusing light is never lost.
Rooms of every size can accommodate the GroWall system. You can even create artificial walls to expand your growing area.

No matter how many systems you start off with you can always add more if necessary. The external piping makes it easy to integrate another module. Whether you room is the size of a hangar or a closet, GroWall is designed to adapt to the space available.

  • Details:
  • Dimensions: ca. 100cm x 30cm x 18cm
  • 24 Mesh pots with lids
  • 5 screws and 5 drywall inserts for mounting
  • 90 cm tube + tee branch
  • Nutrient distributer and rycycling basin


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