Growbox Kit

This tool helps you to quickly find the right grow box set for your needs, with the box, lighting, ventilation and other accessories already tuned to fit. Just set the basic parameters and click on "Show". You'll get an overview of all sets that meet your specifications right away ... saves a lot of time!

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Which grow box models are there to choose from?

With our growbox configuration tool you have access to all relevant series and models. Specifically, these are:

  • Dark Room grow boxes by Secret Jardin.
  • and the Dark Street series by the same company ...
  • ... who also offers the Hydro Shoot boxes as a budget choice for home growing.
  • then there's the Homebox Growbox by Eastside Impex ...
  • ... who are also responsible for the high quality GrowLab indoor grow boxes.

What are the critical decisions when buying a growbox?

Buying a new grow box for indoor growing can turn out to be rather tricky, and it's better to think twice before you end up with the wrong equipment. We've compiled a short list of the most important criteria to help you make the right decision and buy the grow box that perfectly suits your needs.

The size of the box

One thing is rather obvious: huge box = bountiful crop! Then again, a grow box takes up lots of space, and the bigger it is, the more energy you need to keep your system running. If you choose a model that is simply too large, you'll have to sacrifice quite some living space. We recommend models with a base area around 1m² for most indoor growing starters.

Choosing your lighting and light source

Lots of experienced growers have been using HPS lamps since forever, and it's not easy to kick the habit and try something new, especially since those high pressure sodium lamps are known to be reliable and highly efficient when it comes to light output. But in recent years, interesting alternatives have been developped that do not need special ballasts that require advanced electrical installation skills and use a lot less energy. Energy saving lamps (ESL), compact fluorescent lamps or the most recent addition to indoor growing equipment, LED lamps, are more than just a reasonable compromise - and they emit a loss less heat than HPS lamps as well. But what's true is true: The good old high pressure sodium lamps have plenty of power to really make your indoor plants grow...

Which equipment for your grow box

In their basic versions, our sets already include everything that's vital to start growing in your box: Lighting, reflector, exhaust system and all necessary duct tubes and cables. And then there's always the possibility to expand your basic set and add climate control, electronic ballasts, heat proof CoolTubes, special hoses and lots of other options.

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