Growking® SOLaris 200W
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Growking® SOLaris 200W

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The sun is now also available from Growking ... as LED variant and optimal for mounting areas up to 1m², whereby the recommended and optimal area of use by the manufacturer should be approx. 0.75m² (best in the square). More light under these
conditions does not necessarily mean more yield. At the latest at less than 0.6m², Growking Solaris is therefore rather underchallenged.
The light spectrum of the Solaros falls off slightly in the light blue sector, but this is easily absorbed by the very effectively estimated dark blue area. In this way, plants receive all the necessary components and "assume" a light source of natural origin. Virtually all rays have a photosynthetic effect on the plants.
The amount of light emitted by the Solaris 200 is 17000 lumens, which is roughly equivalent to the output of a 450W ignition lamp (NDL, MH).
The spectrum of the illuminant shows all lengths of visible light. Blue parts provide for good and healthy growth of the plants, whereby the rather reddish parts later provide for a voluminous flower formation.
Peak values of emitted light :
  • 455 µm (deep blue)
  • 590 µm (orange)
  • 665 µm (deep red)
The measured photon flux is 310 µmol/s, i.e. 1.48 µmol/s photosynthetically usable light per watt input power.
The Growking SOlaris 200 comes with state-of-the-art CREE LEDs, eliminating the need for active cooling. In practice, this means that no extra fan is used, which also tends to reduce the noise level to zero.
  • Voltage: AC85-265V, 50-60Hz
  • Power: approx. 200 Watt with passive ventilation
  • weight approx. : 5kg
  • Size : 362 mm x 206 mm
  • Certificates: CE & WEEE
  • repair service
  • 3 years warranty
  • in black aluminium housing
The scope of delivery includes an EU mains plug and the necessary mounting device.
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440 cree xbd leds

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