Growking LED Panel 50W Growth
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Growking LED Panel 50W Growth

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This 50W LED panel by Growking is a high quality LED light for smaller grow projects, the overwintering of plants or the holding of mother plants. Thanks to its compact size it is very suitable for tight spaces.

The LED panel by Growking is intended for the growth phase of plants or the keeping of mother plants. With a light output equivalent to a normal 100W light, the panel is suitable for use in small grow rooms.
Thanks to the significantly lower heat generation of the LEDs, they are also particularly suitable for use in areas with temperature problems. The heat generation compared to a conventional lighting fixture is 80% lower by approx.

The LED Growth panels by Growking offer an advanced PAR spectrum especially for the growth phase of plants, the breeding of mother plants or the overwintering of plants.
Growking uses only high-quality 3W High Power Epistar LED chips in this grow light. In this LED panel, 25x 3W high power Epistar LED chips with 90° optical lenses are installed.

The spectra of these LED fittings include:
  • 3 different blue light spectra
  • 3 different white light spectra
  • UV and infrared
All Grow King LED panels are built in a modular system. The led module and the power supply can be removed by means of four screws and a plug and replaced easily.
But with an average service life of about 50,000 hours, this represents only an additional rarely used security.

Of course, the light intensity is dependent on the distance of the light source to the plant. Light intensity per height:
  • 30 cm - 983 PAR (pmol) - 13200 lumens
  • 50 cm - 585 PAR (pmol) - 8900 lumens
  • 100 cm - 151 PAR (pmol) - 2830 lumens
  • 150 cm - 53 PAR (pmol) - 1420 lumens
  • 200 cm - 30 PAR (pmol) - 823 lumens
The manufacturer recommends the following distances:
  • 1.5 m for growing plants, illuminated surface approx 0.45 x 0.45 m.
  • 2 m for mother plants and overwintering, illuminated surface approx 0.7 x 0.7 m.
This Grow King LED panel measures approx 16 x 16 x 7 cm. A serial circuit is possible. A cable and suspension is included. The LED panel has an on / off switch.
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50 w
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Light efficiency :
264 lm/W
Luminous flux :
13,200 lm
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