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HOMEbox Evolution Q60 PAR+

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HOMEbox Evolution Q60 PAR+
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Base area:
60 x 60 cm
120 cm
43 m³
Metal, Synthetics
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Indoor growing Propagation of cuttings Indoor plant cultivation


The Q60 tent from the new Evolution Series is the successor of the HOMEbox XS classic. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is especially suitable for small spaces. But the Q60 tent is also an excellent choice for beginners.

The combination of compact size, low price and high quality features characterize the Q60 tent.

The new HOMEbox Evolution series is the long awaited successor of the classic HOMEbox . The Evolution series grow tent has been enhanced in numerous ways.
Among the most important new features are the OmniFlow Airvents . These passive air in- and outlets finally provide a solution to regulate the flow of fresh air inside the box - without velcro and unnecessary light leakage.
In addition, the new Omniflow Airvents are provided with an insect net with a mesh size of 700 µm - insect invasions are thus finally a thing of the past. The nets are removable and can be attached on interior and exterior of the Airvents.
New are also the Total Blackout Zippers. Finally, the zippers of the HOMEbox are 100% light tight - and that without any additional covers and velcro straps . Theus, the HOMEbox now is even simpler to use than before.
In addition, there are numerous other improvements, for example, more and larger ventilations opennings, a reinforced frame and strengthend connectors and much more.

Of course, the HOMEbox Evolution series continues to offer the reflective PAR + inner coating. This highly reflective inner layer named PAR+, consisting of PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) optimized material, ensures maximum reflection of the particularly important PAR radiation.
The PAR radiation is used by the plant for a variety of tasks, such as the production of biomass (leaves, flowers, etc). As a pleasant side effect, the PAR + coating also helps with avoiding heat problems in the box.

The HOMEbox Evolution Series sets a new standard for quality and functionality in the field of growing tents and impresses by many thoughtful optimizations.

Technical details :
  • Size: 60 x 60 x 120 cm
  • Outer material: Polyester
  • Inner coating: PAR+
  • Removable, waterproof floor tray
  • Metal frame: 16 mm
  • Ventilation openings: 1x 100 mm (1x rear), 1x 130 mm (1x left), 1x 150 mm (1x roof)
  • OmniFlow Airvent: 2x 130 mm (1x left, 1x right)
  • Recommended Lighting: 1 x 125 W CFL bulb or equivalent


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A perfect tent

5 of 5 stars
by Samz on 9/1/14

This tent is perfect for those who want to grow their own herbs, but don't have the biggest place to do it. Assembly took 10 minutes, the instructions were easy to understand and the parts had number codes to help the assembly. The frame pipes are coated with a nice white-ish paint and the frame feels very sturdy. Outside material of the tent feels first-rate quality and does not let out any light. The inside is waterproof, reflective, white material. The bottom of the tent is a separate piece, that is made from the same materials as the tent itself (easy to install and stays in its place!). There are three places to put your ventilation system and put the wiring through. All three of them can be tightened with a rope with ease. Also the tent has two smaller "windows" with bug nets, to use as an air intake or just as a window to peek inside the tent. The door of the tent is opened by zippers (which feel very good quality) and can be rolled up and fastened so you can do your work inside the tent without having the door get in your way all the time. Also the tent comes with some extra pipes that can be placed on the top of the frame, these pipes can be moved easily to ensure smooth hanging of all your gear inside the tent. 5/5 A perfect product for anyone that wants a quality product for a reasonable cost.

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