The HOMEbox is likely to be the best known Grow Tent throughout Europe. A HOMEbox offers the best conditions for plant growth. It is a German high-quality product by Eastside Impex for all indoor growing needs.
HOMElab v 2.0
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Home Box Mini grow tent by Eastside Impex
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HOMEbox Fixture Poles
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HOMEbox spare hooks
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HOMEbox replacement corner
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GHP Hanger
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Gronest plant support web 120x120cm
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GHP Pronet 60 to120 cm
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Easy Hooks for Easy Rolls - 2 hooks
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HOMEbox replacement T-connectors 2 Pack 22mm
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HOMEbox Drynet 60
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Easy Rolls - Double Pack
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HOMEbox is available in different sizes and styles. We also offer complete kits with equipment for lighting, ventilation and fertilizers - ready to grow.

Facts about the Homebox

A Homebox is a special kind of a grow box, also known as grow tent or grow cabinet, a tent-like closet where plants can be cultivated without attracting attention. The homebox is assembled easily. Just connect the frame pieces and pull the three-layer fabric over it. The water-resistant outer layer is black, the middle layer is a dark colored, lightproof foil.

And underneath, the interior layer is a foil which is highly reflective to provide the plants inside with the necessary light for best growth. The bottom of the homebox is of waterproof material, which makes cleaning easy and greatly reduces the risk of any damages on the floor due to leaking water.

The homebox is not only ideal for cultivating plants-you can also use it to dry your harvest. If you put a dryrack with eight shelves into the homebox then it changes to a Drybox. Just spread the harvest on the shelves of the dryrack. You may speed up this process by integrating light bulbs or fans into the drybox. There are ports to insert carbon filters or other fans as well. A Drybox is just perfect for drying a larger harvest and prevents any odours from leaking through.
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