HOMElab HL145 v 2.0
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HOMElab HL145 v 2.0

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The HL145 is the biggest standard version of the new HOMElab series.The HOMElab 145 is perfect for growing with MH and HPS lamps with 600 watts and more.

The Grow Lab HL145 is perfect for a veg room or small flowering room.

The HOMElab series is the newest generation of portable grow rooms by the inventors of the famous Homebox.
The HOMElab uses highly reflective, waterproof and insulative (offering 97% thermal protection) thermal film as interior material. Of course this material is non-toxic and releases no harmful gasses as well.

Apart from the exhaust ports that are adjustable in size, the HOMElab also offers various drawstrings for the mounting of various growing accessories.
Other improvements include the possibility to attach ones fan on the exterior, closable passive intake ports and much much more.

The frame of the HOMElab is made of stable 0.80mm thick metal poles that are powder coated for rust prevention. The corner fittings were improved as well. These improvements make the HOMElab a very stable and secure choice as your homegrowing solution.

In revision 2.0, the HOMElab has been improved even further. Especially the zippers and seams have been updated. But also the air vents are, thanks to two layers of material, now clearly more light-tight and stable.
In addition, the Grow Labs now have passive air intakes with bug screens. The times of vermin infestations in the grow room are finally a thing of the past.

Technical data:
  • Dimensions assembled: 145 x 145 x 200 cm
  • Dimensions packed: 147 x 42.5 x 18 cm
  • Interior Material: reflective silver film
  • Exterior Material: waterproof black canvas
  • 5 exhaust ports 200mm
  • 2 Cord access ports 100mm
  • 3 Intake air vents with bug screen (700µm)
  • 2 viewing windows, compeltely closeable
  • full color, illustrated instructions
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Base area:
145 x 145 cm
179.95 €
4,2 m³
200 cm
Indoor growing Indoor plant cultivation

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