HPS/MH Kit 250W ETI Deep Beam Growth & Bloom
HPS/MH Kit 250W ETI Deep Beam Growth & Bloom #0

HPS/MH Kit 250W ETI Deep Beam Growth & Bloom

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Deep Beam Bloom
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Stucco Bloom
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Deep Beam Growth & Bloom
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Deep Beam Growth
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Stucco Growth
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Stucco Growth
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250W MH and HPS lamps are very popular especially among newcomers in the field of homegrowing. They impress with compactness, low cost and a high light yield. They are perfect for smaller grows and the growth phase of plants.

We offer these 250W sets with three different lamps setups: With a growing bulb, a flowering bulb and as a complete package with one each of the two lamps.
We also offer the sets with two different reflectors: A normal Euro hammered reflector for wider illumination and a Deep Beam reflector for high-intensity illumination of compact surfaces.

A power kit and possibly a suspension kit for the reflector is required to operate this set. Both can be found in the accessories section below.

Looking for a different combination or want to exchange some parts of the kit? No problem, simply send an email to our customer support, we are happy to help.
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