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LITEbox 100 Kit FL Basic

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LITEbox 100 Kit FL Basic
LITEbox 100 Kit FL Basic #0
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100 x 100 cm
Basic Grow Box
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Homebox set with lighting and exhaust Indoor growing Plant breeding Indoor plant cultivation


The Litebox is the little brother of the well-known Homebox Q100. The main difference compared to the "normal" Homebox is that the Litebox not 100% light tight. Thanks to its dimensions of 100 x 100 x 200 cm, it is suitable for almost any project.

Fluorescent lamps (FL) are used mainly for growing cuttings and seedlings as well as for keeping mother plants. The benefits of FLs are in a relatively low entry cost and high luminous efficacy with low heat generation. But FLs can also be used for the entire life cycle of a plant, especially in smaller grow rooms.

The Basic versions of our kits are designed specifically for beginners and growers with a limited budget. These kits contain all the necessary components, but at the lowest possible entry price. Perfect for those who want to have a try at breeding their own plants without having to at once invest a large sum.

This kit contains a complete, fitting lighting and air-exhaust solution for the included grow tent. This gives you a perfectly adjusted equipment for your home grow.

Matching accessories such as fertilizers, medias, pots, pH and EC Meters can be found below in the section Accessories.

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