Lighting Accessories

Accessories and spare parts for lamp kits and general illumination.
Black & White Poly Foil 2m wide 70my thick
{"list_position":0,"systype":"article","name":"Black & White Poly Foil 2m wide 70my thick","id":"03900","list_name":"tree-4000"}
Easy Hooks for Easy Rolls - 2 hooks
{"list_position":1,"systype":"article","name":"Easy Hooks for Easy Rolls - 2 hooks","id":"12155","list_name":"tree-4000"}
Super Spreader Large for Adjust-A-Wings Avenger
{"list_position":2,"systype":"article","name":"Super Spreader Large for Adjust-A-Wings Avenger","id":"05529","list_name":"tree-4000"}
Socket E 40 VDE ceramic
{"list_position":3,"systype":"article","name":"Socket E 40 VDE ceramic","id":"05511","list_name":"tree-4000"}
PVC Net Cord, 1,5 m, 3 x 1.5mm²
{"list_position":4,"systype":"article","name":"PVC Net Cord, 1,5 m, 3 x 1.5mm²","id":"04614","list_name":"tree-4000"}
Chain - 1m
{"list_position":5,"systype":"article","name":"Chain - 1m","id":"04278","list_name":"tree-4000"}
Easy Rolls - Double Pack
{"list_position":6,"systype":"article","name":"Easy Rolls - Double Pack","id":"04170","list_name":"tree-4000"}
Cord / Wire Set for Complete Kits
{"list_position":7,"systype":"article","name":"Cord / Wire Set for Complete Kits","id":"02211","list_name":"tree-4000"}
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