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MH Kit 250W Lumatek Adjust-A-Wings Growth

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MH Kit 250W Lumatek Adjust-A-Wings Growth
MH Kit 250W Lumatek Adjust-A-Wings Growth #0
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Adjust-A-Wings Blüte
Adjust-A-Wings Dual
Adjust-A-Wings Growth & Bloom
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Our 250 watt kits with Lumatek ballast are clearly meant for growers with the highest standards. The known high quality of Lumatek electronic ballasts ensures durability and excellent results.

Our 250 Watt Lumatek ballast kits are available with four different lamps: Either with a bulb with growth spectrum, a lamp with flower spectrum, two bulbs, one for growth and bloom, or a dual bulb with matching spectrum for the entire lifecycle.
The reflector of this Lumatek set is made by Adjust-A-Wings, the well-known manufacturers of high-quality grow reflectors.

A suspension kit for the reflector is possibly required to operate this set. It can be found in the accessories section below.

Looking for a different combination or want to exchange some parts of the kit? No problem, simply send an email to our customer support, we are happy to help.

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