Minigarden Vertical, black
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Minigarden Vertical, black

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Minigarden Vertical, green
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Minigarden Vertical, black
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The Minigarden Vertical is a vertical planting module for a total of 9 plants, conceived by the Portuguese manufacturer QuizCamp.

The highlight is the placement of the individual planting places one above the other in the height, so that on a small base area of 64.6 x 19 cm there is actually room for 9 medium-sized plants.
This is possible by distributing three plants on each of the three floors. All in all a great opportunity to have many plants in a small space.
This module consists of:
  • a base plate with the external dimensions: 64.6 x 14 x 2 cm
  • three planting modules each with external dimensions: 64.6 x 19 x 20 cm and space for 3 plants. These are stacked on top of each other.
  • 18 clips for fastening
This module can only be placed on the floor. For mounting on the wall, you also need the appropriate wall bracket.

Minigarden Vertical is the solution for city dwellers who want to grow their own herbs and vegetables for self-sufficiency despite cramped living conditions.
This system makes it very easy to use the walls as a cultivation area for your own plants such as herbs, vegetables or ornamental plants, both indoors and outdoors.

Installation and Configuration:
The Minigarden system works according to the modular principle. There are three modules Minigarden Vertical, Minigarden Corner and Minigarden Wall Mount.
These three building blocks can be used to build very individual solutions for your space conditions. Any height and width of the mounting surface can be mounted on the wall or self-standing wall modules for balconies, terraces or as room dividers in the apartment.
The installation is very simple, because the modules can be combined horizontally, vertically, corner and back-to-back. You can simply stack them on top of each other from the floor, connect them next to each other with special clips or mount them on the wall using the Minigarden wall bracket.

Material and colours:
All module parts of the Minigarden series are made of stable polypropylene copolymer with special additives to ensure long-lasting UV protection, as the material is exposed to strong climatic fluctuations, especially outdoors. The manufacturer gives a warranty of 3 years.
There is also a wide range of colour variations, as the manufacturer offers this system in black, white, green, terracotta and grey.

Irrigation and drainage:
Each pot fineness can be poured individually from the outside. The water can run off through drainage holes in the soil and thus automatically supplies the plant units underneath. Excess water is collected with the collecting tray under the plant unit so that it does not leak.
An additional irrigation set is also available as an accessory, which can automate the irrigation with droplet irrigation.

This grandiose wall greening system was developed by the Portuguese family business QuizCamp, who have made the 'Urban Green Revolution' their flag.

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53.95 €
Overall size:
646 x 19 x 57 cm
Vertical plant pot
30 L
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