Moisture Absorber Integra Boost 'Humidiccant' 67g
Moisture Absorber Integra Boost 'Humidiccant' 67g #0

Moisture Absorber Integra Boost 'Humidiccant' 67g

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Nothing is as annoying as when the harvest, obtained by your sweat, slowly starts to go moldy. Because: the optimal air humidity for the storage of herbs lies in the rather thin range of 55%-62%.

If you don't want to leave this factor to chance or use expensive measuring instruments, the Integra Boost Pack is the simplest way to create optimal conditions for storing herbs and even promote fermentation. The air humidity is kept constant and within the specified range without any further intervention.

The Boost Pack is simply put into the bag or into the storage box (67g pack is enough for approx. 29-454g herbs). The indicator provided info at any time whether the moisture content is still within the tolerable range or whether the Boost Pack should be better replaced. A feeling of the herbs is therefore no longer necessary and contamination of the material caused by this can be ruled out.

The 2-way regulation of the Inegra Boost Humidiccant works completely without salts, but through a mixture of glycerin and water, which is purely plant-based. The package itself is also printed with food colouring so that there is no risk of contamination of the material. The packs are also biodegradable.

The Integra Boost 'Humidiccant' packs are a pleasantly easy way to keep your stored herbs fresh, aromatic and consistent.
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