STOCKOSORB® Water Retaining Granules, 100g
STOCKOSORB® Water Retaining Granules, 100g #0

STOCKOSORB® Water Retaining Granules, 100g

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STOCKOSORB® granules are water retaining polymer granules, which absorb large amounts of water, forming a swollen gel and acting as a reservoir in the soil. These granules are absolutely harmless to the environment.

When added to potting soil at recommended rates, STOCKOSORB® will provide approximately three times the available water and increase the volume of the mix by up to 20 %. Watering the plants and fertilization can be reduced.
  • The granules are very easy to add to the soil.
  • Retains water a hundredfold of its volume
  • Effective for 5 years
  • Roots will grow through the gel
  • Reduces leaching of nutrients
  • Please note:The granules are not UV-resistant. It decomposes under the influence of light and therefore has to be stored in a dark place.

  1. The granules have to be mixed with the soil in the correct proportion (see below)
  2. Water the blended substrate well and let it swell for about an hour.The total capacity will enlarge significantly.
  3. Now the blended and watered substrate can be used as standard soil.
  4. The degree of dryness of the soil will not be a sign that your plants have to be watered. The soil is drying faster than the water retaining granules. Only water your plants if the plant itself shows the first slight signs of withering. l
Pot soil: 1,00 kg / m³
Soil for flower boxes, brackets and hangers: 1,75 kg / m³
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Water retention granules
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