Taifun TCL Kit Cutting 2 x 75 W
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Taifun TCL Kit Cutting 2 x 75 W

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Cutting 2 x 55 W
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Cutting 2 x 75 W
Temporarily out of stock
{"list_position":4,"systype":"article","name":"Cutting 2 x 75 W","id":"11951","list_name":"articlelist"}
Taifun TCL lighting kits are a convenient and established alternative to normal CFL lights. The setup of these sets is extremely simple which is why they are particularly suitable for beginners.

Fluorescent lamps are very often used for growing young plants, but are also suitable as lighting for smaller home grows.

We offer our Taifun TCL kits in three different wattages: With 2x 36,2x 55 or 2 x 75 W power. Each of these sets are available with growth, flowering and propagation bulbs.
The kits are suitable for the breeding of cuttings and seedlings, for overwintering of plants and more. If the set should be used for the entire life cycle of a plant, we of course offer the necessary bulbs individually as well.
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