Tide Table 33 x 110 cm
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Tide Table 33 x 110 cm

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This tide table is perfectly suited for hydroponic growing when using the so-called NFT (nutrient film technology). This flood tray will be placed with a slight downgrade to the drainage on the plant-table or plant shelf.

The tray contains cross-like drainage gutters and to storage the flowing water it is recommended to cover it with a watering mat.
The trays can be used with coconut fiber mats or stonewool mats. With the help of a pump and a irrigation system the plants can be flooded with nutrient solution or only with water permanently.
The brim of this tray only has 5 cm therefore it is not the best solution for the ebb and flow system.
But the size of this tray is appropriate for exactly two coco slabs or Grodan stonewool mats side by side.
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