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Head Shop

Our head&nature Online Headshop is one of the oldest internet headshops in Germany and offers a fine selection of smoking accessories. We work hard every day to offer you the best products at the lowest price - 20 years of experience in logistics and shipping help us ensure that your orders arrive quickly and safely.
Pipe with wooden handle, metal bowl and shot hole
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In the late 90s, the term "head shop" was used to describe almost everything: Bongs, papers, vaporizer and grinders included. In the meantime, however, these have become quite unique and developed product groups, assortments, and indeed - entire universes. That's why we sell smokers' requisites, accessories, general paraphernalia and other useful stuff in our head department, including pipes, dosing and weighing accessories and storage solutions.

Basically, our head shop department is a collection of various smoking accessories. This category includes lighters, filters and filter tips, as well as trays or boards for mixing tobacco and herbs, odour-proof pressure-sealing zip bags (these are ideal for storing and transporting tobacco blends), various screens and filters for pipes - but also drug tests, room air fresheners and storage solutions.

We have also expanded our classic head shop assortment and added various lifestyle articles and gimmicks to our range, as well as snuff accessories such as dispensers and snuff tubes.

Smokers' pocket tools: Pipes

Our pipes come in a wide variety of materials: wood and metal, such as the Falcon pipe or some ebony pipes. All-metallic. Or made of glass. Or clay, or meerschaum. Especially when it comes to small pocket pipes, an enormous variety of heat-resistant materials is available for production. Clay or sepiolite pipes belong to the classics. But pipes for us also include chillums, glass, acrylic or ice shabongs and one hitters, which are intended for fast smokers and sometimes have little resemblance to an ordinary pipe.

Particularly suitable for travelling are the robust models, which also include those made of silicone - our beautiful hand-blown pipes made of coloured glass deserve to stand in a showcase rather than be crushed in a backpack between existentialist literature and a disposable barbecue set.

How much, how heavy?

Scales are generally useful tools for determining weight, especially of valuable substances. For all those who find a spring balance too cumbersome and the kitchen scale too inaccurate, there is an inexpensive solution: the digital pocket scale. Digital scales of this kind are now ubiquitous, and with illuminated displays and precise weight information, they are loved up to a hundredth of a gram.

There are some things to consider when buying. Despite the sophisticated technology, there are differences in quality, as with all mass-produced products. Dipse and Proscale, for example, offer very good and reliable products.
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