Clipper lighters

Clipper lighters are probably the best known and most popular lighters among bong smokers. In addition to the high quality durable workmanship, Clipper bong lighters convince especially by their thoughtful tilt mechanism.
Clipper Mini Tube Soft Touch
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Spare Flint for Clipper 9x
{"list_position":1,"systype":"article","name":"Spare Flint for Clipper 9x","id":"08748","list_name":"tree-1111"}
h&n Clipper Pipe Lighter
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Clipper Metal Cover
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Clipper Stoned Animals
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Clipper Slogan #44
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Clipper Slogan #32
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Clipper 420 Characters
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Clipper Paradise Pattern
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Clipper Slogan #41
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Clipper Mastercheef
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Clipper Weed Billboard
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Mainly because of the countless different designs, Clipper lighters have become cult collectibles. They are quite simply more than a lighter, more of a lifestyle object. But that is not least due to the high product quality - Clippers have other tricks up their sleeves than just simply cult value: they can be refilled with lighter gas easily, they offer high quality and are rather durable. But the most loved feature of Clipper lighters is certainly their sophisticated tilt mechanism.

If you tilt it forward, the flame increases and makes it very easy to ignite a bowl or a pipe without burning your fingers. At the same time, if you carry a Clipper you always have a means of stuffing your rolled cigarettes at hand. Another specialty offered by Clipper is the opportunity to design and print your lighters yourself, even in small series - this is the high-quality version of the stuff you get for free as an inexpensive giveaway at gas stations.
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