Digital Scales

Digital scales for those who strive for highest precision.To accurately measure the amount of herb to be burned as incense, smoked or vaporized is pretty difficult without a digital scale that is capable of weighing even very tiny weights.
Digital scale Detroit 600g/0.1g
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Digital scale AN 300g/0,01g
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Digital scale Berlin 650g/0.1g
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Digital scale CA with calculator 300g/0.01g
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Digital scale Atlanta 600g/0,1g
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Digiscale PS8 300g with Calibration Weight
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Truffle Scale, max 200g, incl. calibration weight
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BLscale Tara Digital Scale 500g/0.1g
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There are several applications of a digital scale: scale can be used to weigh truffles, stamps or even small amounts of precious metals or stones. In any case, digital precision scales are used to weigh the most precious materials as accurately as possible.

Digital Scales are available in many different styles and sizes. Electronic scales have become extraordinarily cheap over the last few years. It's possible to buy scales with an accuracy of up to 0, 01 grams for less than 20 Euros.

Digital Scales

Digital Scales are probably the most easy to use scales of all. Almost immediately, the weighing result can be read of the display. There are even scales with illuminated display which make it even more comfortable to read.

Most digital balances are produced in China which means they are international ex works i.e. it is possible to choose from several systems of units like the metric system, imperial system or frequently used units in the US like ounces.

How to calibrate a digital scale

There is more than only one reason which cause a scale to fail to show exact results. Sometimes the calibration gets lost by vibration/transportation, by weak or undercharged batteries or if the scale was overloaded (which could also destroy the whole scale by displacing the spring).

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to re-calibrate a digital scale from time to time to avoid inaccurate measurements. No problem, though - there are only few things that are easier to do than calibrating a scale and mostly you only have to go through two or three steps to make the device work properly again.
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