Glass Pipes

Here you find pretty glass pipes and glass smoking tools like shabongs, oil pipes, chillums and glass hand vaporizers in different forms and sizes.
Black Leaf 'Lady Lifter' manuel Vaporizer
{"list_position":48,"systype":"article","name":"Black Leaf 'Lady Lifter' manuel Vaporizer","id":"14104","list_name":"tree-3160"}
Mouthpiece for glass pipe for activated carbon filters
{"list_position":49,"systype":"article","name":"Mouthpiece for glass pipe for activated carbon filters","id":"11928","list_name":"tree-3160"}
Cheap Shabong by "Cheap" 10 cm
{"list_position":50,"systype":"article","name":"Cheap Shabong by \"Cheap\" 10 cm","id":"09779","list_name":"tree-3160"}
Chongz "Cult of Ray" Space Gun
Temporarily out of stock Reduced price
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Weed Star Tornado Pipe
Temporarily out of stock
{"list_position":52,"systype":"article","name":"Weed Star Tornado Pipe","id":"MA-PIPE-002","list_name":"tree-3160"}
Jelly Joker Glass Shotgun pipe Shabong big
Temporarily out of stock
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Glass Pipe / Vaporizer
Temporarily out of stock
{"list_position":54,"systype":"article","name":"Glass Pipe / Vaporizer","id":"13992","list_name":"tree-3160"}
Weedstar oil pipe with inline percolator
Temporarily out of stock
{"list_position":55,"systype":"article","name":"Weedstar oil pipe with inline percolator","id":"09774","list_name":"tree-3160"}
Steamroller Heisenberg 14cm
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{"list_position":56,"systype":"article","name":"Steamroller Heisenberg 14cm","id":"14129","list_name":"tree-3160"}
Mobile Waterpipe Hammer
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{"list_position":57,"systype":"article","name":"Mobile Waterpipe Hammer","id":"12943","list_name":"tree-3160"}
Most of our glass pipes are made from heat resistant borosilicate glass for maximum smoking safety - but this security must not come at the expense of design. Our glass pipes are available in different colors and color gradients, in all shapes and compositions: from the simple hand pipe to handmade colour changing sherlock pipes.

All things considered, glass pipes are very stylish smoking devices, as they are available in extraordinary forms, sizes and colours. Glass pipes are a distant relative to glass waterpipes or bongs and shabongs, but usually you'll have to do without water-cooling or filtering.
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