Pipe cleaning

Looking for the proper cleaning tools for your metal pipe, steamroller pipe or joint stick? Here they are: Brushes, cleaning solutions and other useful tools to get your pipe in shape. This will help you remove tarry residues, burnt-in tobacco and other contaminants and clean your pipes right for maximum enjoyment.
Schmand Weg Bong Cleaner
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RAW pipe cleaner
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Wire brush for screens
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Downpipe Brush various
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Ninja Star Grinder Tool
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Metal Pipe Cleaner
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Limpuro Bio Cleaner - Concentrate
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Pipe Cleaner various
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Small Set of Brushes
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Grinder Cleaning Kit
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G-Spot Mega Orange Clean Waterpipe Cleaner
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Black Leaf Grinder Cleaner 50ml
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Not only glass and acrylic pipes, but also traditional handheld pipes made of wood or metal are in need of regular cleaning action. While it can be enough to freshen up your handheld pure pipes with a common cotton stick (the original pipe cleaning device for tobacco pipes, a thorough cleaning of your pipes requires some other, more elaborate tools.

First, we recommend a specially designed pipe cleaning brush for bowls and downpipes, because even pipes with detachable bowl can be difficult to treat with a simple brush. Also, many pipes are often in need of a special cleaning solution, a pipe cleaner detergent to remove the tarry and sticky residues of tobacco and herbal blends.
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