Saliva Multi-6 Drug test
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Saliva Multi-6 Drug test

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Highly sensitive drug test for the detection of 6 different drugs in saliva. This test offers a simple, hygienic use and provides a clear result after about 10 minutes.

  • Amphetamines - speed (AMP) 50ng/ml
  • Cocaine (COC) 20ng/ml
  • Methylamphetamine - Crystal Meth (MET) 50ng/ml
  • Morphine, opiates, heroin (MOR) 40ng/ml
  • Methadone (MTD) 30ng/ml
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol Cannabis (THC) 12ng/ml

Familiarize yourself with these instructions before using the contents of the package.

Other necessary equipment:
- Timer

1. Open the protective packaging of the test. The foil and desiccant can be disposed of in household waste.
2. Remove the collector from the package and insert the sponge end into the mouth. Wipe between the inner cheek and the tongue with the sponge for 3 minutes until the sponge is fully saturated with saliva. Gently squeezing the sponge between the tongue and teeth facilitates the absorption of saliva into the sponge. The sodden sponge should contain no more hard spots.
3. Remove the soaked sponge from the mouth and insert it into the collection chamber. Press the sponge against the bars and squeeze as much saliva as possible into the collection chamber and seal the plenum chamber with the lid.
4. Place the device on a clean and level surface. Unscrew the lid of the container. Rotate the collection chamber and put 3 drops of saliva into each test well of the test cassette. Start the stopwatch.
5. Close the collection chamber again with the screw cap.
6. Note: Do not open when you open the lid of the collection chamber when you open the screw cap. Avoid air bubbles in the openings of the test cassette.
7. Wait for the appearance of colored lines. Read the result within 10 minutes. After 20 minutes, do not read results anymore.

The Drug-Detect test must be analysed in good light conditions so that weak colour lines can be detected.
In the reaction field, there is the test zone of the substance being tested and the controlline (C).
For a negative result, therefore a drug free urine sampie, the line in the test zones and the line in the control zones will appear.
For a positive result, no line will show in the specific parameter zone.
Important! If there is no visible line in the control area (C), it indicates, for example, insufficient sample volume and the test is invalid!

The color intensity of the test strip on the membrane may be different for each drug. Only if no line appears, the test is positive. Positive and unclear results should be confirmed with a second analytical method.

Warnings and Precautions
- Do not use after the expiry date of the test.
- The tests should be store at 2-30° C and not be frozen.
- If the protective packaging is damaged, do not use.
- Use the test immediately after removing it from the packaging.
- For single use only.
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