Snuff Stuff

Snuff Stuff, accessories for sniffing - this includes feeders, snorters and snorter tubes, tar paper, mirrors, mills or entire sets. Check out the snuff bullet dosage controller, sniffer tubes, tear-resistant paper, mirrors or all-in-1 kits.


Snow Seals Paper pack
{"list_position":0,"systype":"article","name":"Snow Seals Paper pack","id":"MA-Snuff-113","list_name":"article_list"}
Snorting Tube
{"list_position":1,"systype":"article","name":"Snorting Tube","id":"MA-Snuff-105","list_name":"article_list"}
Blade silver / gold
{"list_position":2,"systype":"article","name":"Blade silver / gold","id":"MA-Snuff-014","list_name":"article_list"}
Royal Box Snuff Box white
{"list_position":3,"systype":"article","name":"Royal Box Snuff Box white","id":"MA-SNUFF-01","list_name":"article_list"}

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