Wooden Grinders

Those are real classics. The first grinders were made of wood or stone. Wooden and stone grinders have a good grip and are recommendable for occasional smokers.
Grinders made of wood or stone look natural, are easy to use and unobtrusive on the table.

High end wooden and stone grinders

A good wooden grinder can be an acquisition which lasts a lifetime. In contrast to an acrylic grinder, the pollen sticks a little more on the natural surface, but due to its grinding comfort and sturdiness, a wooden grinder can satisfy your grinding needs for years, if the product has been subject to a flawless workmanship.

Wooden and stone grinders always have the ability to fascinate people with their timeless organic structure, which is designed by the well defined parameters of nature. Grinding herbs and spices with such a grinder can be a pleasant, almost zen-like experience, as you touch the smooth, polished wooden or stone surface and slowly crush your herbs, and the leafy material gets divided by steel pins inside the wooden case while you're applying rotational force to both rigid sides of the grinder.

The final product is perfectly ground herb which is now ready for other uses like freezing, smoking or flavoring a dish. It makes sense to clean the grinder as soon as particles of substances like resin start to accumulate. Although this doesn't really limit the functionality of the grinder at first, cleaning does help to keep it in good shape, as many grinders made out of wood or stone will suffer considerably if you attempt to clean them with strong detergents. Regular cleaning helps prevent these incidents and increases the lifespan of your tools.

The steel pins inside of these grinders often have different approaches, some are flat and symmetrically distributed, some have a cylindrical shape with a round tip. All in all, every method works the same, but well designed pin structures speed up the grinding process significantly.

Some grinders have a logo on the top side, which can vary from good old Bob Marley and Che Guevara to abstract shapes, stars and skulls. A fire-engraved picture is always a pleasure to look at, and can only be seen on a wooden grinder, where it can even contain different gradients. Stone grinders on the other hand sometimes have etched logos. The plain variant is available too, and is for those who desire the polished, pure and ambient look of a smooth wooden or stone surface.
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