eztest Tube for LSD and other Indoles
eztest Tube for LSD and other Indoles #0

eztest Tube for LSD and other Indoles

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This eztest is used for the detection of LSD and other indoles in substances. The test shows a red-violet color if one of the substances is contained in the material. The strength of the coloring stands in no relation to the concentration in the
In addition to LSD, the test also responds to other indoles such as DMT, psilocybin and many more similar substances.

Substance tests for reliably detecting psychoactive components in samples have been marketed under the label eztest since 1996. This long experience and the associated high quality, as well as the wide range of different reagents are a strong argument for testing with eztest.
By a variety of tests, the type of the substance contained in a sample can be determined with certainty. Most eztests respond not only to a specific substance but can be used to detect various substances. Special tests may be even used to determine the quantity proportion of specific substances such as MDMA.

With the eztests it is possible to protect yourself from the unwanted ingestion of dangerous psychoactive substances. There is no longer a risk of accidental intoxication at parties, discos or similar events.
They can also be used to protect you against date-rape drugs like Rohypnol (also known as Roofies) or similar substances be eztests used optimally.

Using the eztest:
  • Open test vial
  • Insert the test substance
  • Add catalyst (small ball) from the vial cap
  • Mix
  • Compare color with the included color stripe
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Impurity Drugs Test

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