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Kermit - harvester - 2 persons

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Kermit - harvester - 2 persons
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  • Coated aluminum flange.
  • Durable powdercoated steel case.
  • Highquality cutting mechanisme at 3000 rpm.
  • Minimum noise production.
  • Universal adaptor fits most vacuumcleaners.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Also cuts the most smallest buds, so maximum yield.
  • No cutting waste fling about.
T-bar hex key inclosed for fast disassembly.Put the Kermith on a table with the flange unobstructed towards yourself. Put the moutpiece of the vacuum cleaner in the rubber of the flange of the Kermith.(use a little oil) Use by preference a vacuum cleaner between 1000 and 1500Watt adjustable power. Switch on the vacuumcleaner and adjust the power to ± 600 Watt, this is to reduce the noise. In case the vacuum cleaner is not adjustable, use a dimmer. Do not forget to put a new dustbag and replace the dustbag in time, since the power will be strongly reduced when the bag is full. Cut of the plant by the root en take of the bigger leaves and branches. Switch on the Kermith now. Keep the plant or branches in a horizontal position and move the heads back and foreward over the groove of the Kermith also making a turning movement. After a little practice one can make a high cutting speed. When cutting 'maze' heads, the air-inlet of the vacuumcleaner on the tube can also be opened. This way the socking power will be reduced so the 'Light' head will not be cut to short. It will also reduce the noise.

Avoid physical contact with the cutting mechanisme at all times. Keep fingers away from the groove. Too small heads should be cut by hand.

The Kermith does not need maintenance, except a regular cleaning of the cutting mechanism.

Unplug the machine by any maintenance activities.

After a large amount of plants a slower cutting of the machine can occur. The problem will be to much THC on the cutting mechanism and this need to be removed. To remove the THC, use a non-metal object e.a. plastic ice-spoon etc.

Switch of the Kermith and remove the power plug.

Push the plastic object at the beginning of the groove along the cutting edge and pull it frontwards along the groove. Repeat this for the second cutting edge of the drill. The drill will turn easily. When all plants are finished and the Kermith will be put up, it will need a complete cleaning, otherwise the THC will harden and will be difficult to remove next time. Unscrew the four bolts with enclosed t-bar and take the flange from the machine. Clean the drill and the flange thorough and replace the flange on the machine. The distance from the drill to the flange is very important and need to be set accurate. If the drill touches the flange, loosen the four bolts and lift the flange by putting one hand under it and pull up. Tighten the four bollts while lifting and the problem should be solved.

Make sure that no water can access the interior and all parts are dry before the Kermith is used again.

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