Cigarette Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters for cigarettes reduce the harmful substances in cigarette smoke and thus can contribute to lessen the dangerous effects of smoking. They also improve the taste of cigarettes and joints and provide for increased smoking pleasure.
actiTube activated Carbon Filters 10 pieces
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PURIZE®  Activated Carbon Filter  – Regular Size 50x
Brand new!
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White Elephant Supermix Filter 9mm - 40pcs
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Jelly Joker Tubes Activated carbon filter 7mm
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Gizeh Active Filter 8mm
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Gizeh ACTIV Filter Slim 6mm
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White Elephant Activated carbon filter
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PURIZE®  Activated Carbon Filter  – XTRA Slim Size 50x
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OCB Activ' Tips Extra Slim / unbleached 6mm
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Gizeh Slim Filters 6mm with Activated Carbon
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Medusa activated carbon filter 6mm
{"list_position":10,"systype":"article","name":"Medusa activated carbon filter 6mm","id":"14661","list_name":"tree-3322"}
PURIZE® Treasure Box Xtra Slim Size
{"list_position":11,"systype":"article","name":"PURIZE® Treasure Box Xtra Slim Size","id":"14100","list_name":"tree-3322"}

Cigarette filters with activated carbon

In order to increase the filtering effect of cigarette filters, some manufacturers have begun to install an additional chamber in the middle part of the filter that - filled with activated charcoal - significantly increases the efficiency of the filtration of the smoke concerning harmful substances. Activated carbon filters are available as thick and long blunt filters, as well as thin cigarette filters. Originally, such filters with an additional activated charcoal chamber were mainly used in tobacco pipes. From there, carbon filters have slowly found their way into the cigarette world. Many smokers who enjoy rolling large still use variations of those classic pipe filters, as they have the advantage of reusability, and because of their stability they are ideal for super sized cigarettes.
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