Filter tips

Filter tips are needed if you prefer to not have tobacco in your mouth while smoking a roll your own cigarette.
RAW Tips Pre-Rolled 200pcs
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Especially smokers of filterless cigarettes or blunts prefer to use filter tips with their home-rolled cigars. They prevent bits of tobacco from entering the mouth and keep the end of the cigarette cool to prevent a burning of lips and fingers.

Filter Tips are bits of cardboard used by most cigarette rollers. They are not filters per se as no part of the smoke gets filtered but fullfill the other mentioned purposes like stopping tabac from mating with the lips, the fingers from burning and - last but not least: Cigarettes without filter/filter tips are quite a waste, as one end can't be smoked and has to get dumped.

Roaches and filter tips - Filters made of cardboard

At the time - when the world was black / white and still sounded a little worse - padded cotton filters were basically unknown, let alone activated carbon filters for the filtration of tobacco. Filters back then were simply rolled-up pieces of cardboard that were attached to one end of the cigarette, simply to avoid excessive amounts of tobacco crumbs in the smoker's mouth - those were different times! Meanwhile, filter tips from cardboard or paper have rather sentimental value and are collectibles for lovers of a pure smoking experience - there are dozens of varieties offered by various manufacturers in all sorts of sizes and designs.
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