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An intoxicating effect in this sense is not to be expected after the enjoyment. However, the smoke of a Shisha is much denser and heavier than e.g. cigarette smoke, so that it can come to slight lack symptoms of oxygen. Then usually an increasing inertia or tiredness will occur. However, the effect of smoking cannot be compared with the effect of smoking.
That the smoke of a Shisha is less harmful than cigarettes can be safely dismissed as a rumor. On the one hand, the filter effect of the water is by far not as great as is often assumed, on the other hand the glycerine in the shisha tobacco decomposes into propenal (this is water-soluble, however, and is filtered as far as possible by the water). Scholars are still arguing about the actual intake of pollutants such as nicotine. The fact is, however, that the tar content of a water pipe is many times higher than that of a cigarette. The deep inhalation of seductive flavored species will then do the rest for you.
But what the shisha needs to benefit from: All test results are of course completely falsified, nobody smokes his shisha like you smoke a cigarette - you take a train every now and then, pass the hose on, smoke a bit again, but you don't quickly pull a shisha in between the subway and the kebab - as everyone knows: The way of smoking influences the absorption of pollutants.
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