How to clean a Shisha

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Why do you have to clean a shisha?

Each water pipe owner knows the annoying problem: already after few smoking procedures the eastern Shisha loses substantially to taste, since tar and soot particles in hose, glass body and smoke column formed themselves. The longer one waits to clean the shisha, or to clean the individual shisha components, the more the taste of the water pipe suffers and it becomes more and more difficult to remove the dirt. For this reason it is recommended to clean the shisha after every third smoking at the latest - it would be optimal, of course, to clean the shisha after every use.

How to clean your shisha thoroughly?

The oriental water pipe consists of the water container, the smoke column, the head and the hose. To be able to clean the shisha, it must be disassembled - each shisha part is now cleaned individually.
The glass vessel of the Shisha, also called Bowl, should be cleaned very carefully, because it can easily break. As a rule, the glass bowl only needs to be rinsed with lukewarm water. If you want to remove limescale residues from the glass vessel of the shisha, it is best to use a brush and washing-up liquid or acetic or citric acid. When cleaning the smoke column, on the other hand, less care is required as it is very stable and can easily be rinsed with hot water. In order to get the smoke column clean, you should again use some detergent and a long, thin brush. Sometimes you get the smoke column of the Shisha clean with a higher water pressure - for example the shower jet is excellent.
If you want to clean the shisha head, you may only use a sponge and water, because the shisha head normally consists of clay and can easily crack. In order not to expose the shisha head to too large temperature differences, it should never be cleaned immediately after use - only when the head of the water pipe has cooled down can it be cleaned with both hot and cold water.
Cleaning the shisha hose is not easy - so it should not be rinsed with water, as it is usually equipped with a metal spiral that quickly sets rust. In addition, the hoses of the water pipe are often provided at both ends with a piece of wood, which can quickly soak with water and then burst easily. Therefore it is enough to blow through the hose of the shisha after each use. Despite this preventive measure, tobacco residues can accumulate in the shisha hose. The best way to prevent this is to simply let the hose hang down from the shisha so that no tobacco residues can settle inside it.
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