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The water pipe, which originates from the Orient, is a smoking device that is particularly popular in society. Its characteristic bubbling and the spread of sweet smoke make it a pleasant place to be everywhere. The shisha consists of a bowl made of glass or metal, a column of smoke, a tube and a potty made of clay or glass. In order to make the oriental water pipe smoke, the bowl must be filled with water and the smoke column, also called Nargile, placed on it. On the smoke column there is a valve ball with a valve cover and a hose adapter to which the hose of the shisha with a seal is attached.
Above the smoke column is now the little head - this must now be filled with water pipe tobacco. Below the head there should be an ash plate which catches any falling ashes. The tobacco head is now covered with a sieve or a folded and perforated aluminium foil - but it is essential to leave some space between the sieve or aluminium foil and the tobacco. Now take up the water pipe charcoal with a charcoal tong and light it. You should hold the charcoal from all sides evenly into the flame. Usually the charcoal sprays sparks as soon as it is brought into contact with the flame - this can be explained by the fact that the Shisha charcoal contains small amounts of black powder.
When the coal begins to glow, it is placed on the sieve or aluminium foil. Now all you have to do is pull on the hose and the sweet-tasting smoke is led through the shisha directly into the hose. But the Shisha-Qualm does not only differ in the sweet taste from that of the cigarette - also the scratch feeling that cigarette smoke causes above all in untrained lungs is hardly present with the Shisha smoking. This can be explained by the fact that the water pipe tempest has to cover a long distance and is therefore somewhat cold before it is inhaled. How long does the shisha smoking pleasure actually last? The shisha charcoal usually glows for about an hour - if you want to enjoy smoking longer, you have to switch from charcoal to natural charcoal, which is usually available in stick form and made from coconut shells. The special feature of natural charcoal is that although it does not begin to glow as easily as charcoal, it burns much longer.
In order to be able to smoke the water pipe also outside, the so-called windbreak is recommended. This is simply put over the water pipe charcoal. Now a few words to the Shisha tobacco. It cannot be compared with conventional tobacco because it is mixed with glycerine and molasses, which give it a sweet taste and provide the characteristic moisture of the doughy Shisha tobacco. In contrast to the Arab countries, which enjoy the Shisha tobacco without the addition of flavors, there are already numerous flavored tobacco varieties for the Shisha with us. But you should be careful not to buy a bong - this type of glass pipe is not suitable for smoking water pipe tobacco.
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