Percolators - are the smoke dispersers any good?

Categories Percolators - are the smoke dispersers any good?

As the last point in this section on the relevant features of a bong, we would now like to focus on a new trend that is becoming increasingly popular. Percolator bongs have taken the market by storm and are convincing more and more customers by combining the best features of a multi-chamber bong with a diffuser. But which advantages and disadvantages do Percolatorbongs really have, regardless of the current hype?

Advantages of a Percolatorbong

  • Percolatorbongs are cool. Thanks to their two or even more water basins, the smoke is cooled and filtered several times. This ensures an excellent smoking experience.
  • Percolatorbongs are attractive. Usually they are among the most elaborate bongs in the assortment of the various manufacturers and, in addition to the percolators, also feature a number of optical and technical highlights.

Disadvantages of a Percolator Bong

  • Percolators are almost not cleanable. The first generation of percolatorbongs had firmly encapsulated percolators. This generation was often already dirty after few smoking processes up to the unsmokability. Although this has improved in the current version of most bongs thanks to removable percolators, the water basins themselves are still virtually inaccessible and thus exposed to dirt.
  • Percolators are extremely vulnerable to breakage. Usually a small fall is sufficient and the percolator breaks.
  • Percolatorbongs are usually disproportionately expensive compared to similarly sized bongs.
In the end the choice of a Percolatorbong remains a question of taste. Whether you decide for or against such a bong you should make dependent on your own preferences.
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