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What does a shisha actually consist of?

Generally a Shisha consists of the following parts:
  • Water vessel - mostly glass
  • Smoke column - nickel-plated metal or brass
  • hose for the smoke
  • Clay or metal head
  • seals
In general, the structure of a shisha is always the same. This consists of a water container (usually made of glass, often also metal), a column of smoke (Nargile), at least one hose, a tobacco head (ideally with a sieve for the coal) and the indispensable seals. In Arabic countries, one smokes the water-pipe often outside on terraces or balconies. Since wind is the natural enemy of trouble-free shisha smoking, you will often find a windscreen that can simply be put over your head. Rubber gaskets on water pipes are rather unknown in the countries of origin, one usually helps oneself with newspaper or the like.

Hookah or Hukah

Hookah or Hukah is the original term for the water pipe. In Germany by far not as widespread as Shisha, but just many holidaymakers a term. The spelling "Hookah" is mainly common in America - anyone who wants to talk to Americans about shisha smoking should know this term. "Shisha" is in America the shisha tobacco and not the water pipe!

Nargile or Narghilé

A Nargile in itself only refers to the smoke pipe of a Shisha. However, it has become common practice in the meantime that the whole Shisha is also referred to as this. Nargile comes from the Egyptian area. The spelling "Narghilé" is particularly widespread in the French region.

Schischa or Shisha

Schischa is the German transcription for Shisha or Sheesha. Always a water pipe of oriental coinage is called, which looks approximately like this: Important is the water glass, which is located at the bottom of the pipe and at the same time represents the foot of the pipe. In addition, each Schischa has a column of smoke which is inserted into the water glass with a seal. This column of smoke ends with a tobacco head that picks up the shisha tobacco. The smoke is sucked in through the supplied hose, through the column of smoke and then through the water. The bubbling sound of the Schischa comes from the smoke drawn through the water. Pipes of this kind - more Egyptian shaped - should be in stock at every well assorted Shisha Shop.
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