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Oriental water pipes are also called Shishas or simply water pipes. The pipes, which we know here as Shishas, originate mainly from Egypt. However one should not forget that everywhere in the Orient oriental water pipes and shishas are produced. Currently, the development is also emerging that more and more cheap shishas are produced in China - as most other cheap industrial consumer goods are also produced That of course does not necessarily mean that such a cheap shisha must necessarily be bad, but be careful that you do not buy a water pipe, which in the end does not deserve this name.

Shisha - a trend that has been confirmed

The trend of recent years in the field of smoking and smoking culture has clearly moved towards the water pipe. So slowly a market for the elevated requirement develops. In addition to inexpensive entry-level products, a market for water pipes for over 100 euros has also developed. The processing quality also rises continuously. Recently, however, more and more questions have arisen concerning shisha construction and use - many users need instructions for the use of the shisha, have questions about dangers around the water pipe and health aspects. We will try to clarify many of these questions here and find answers.

Egyptian Shishas

This type of water pipe has shaped our image of the shisha. Usually with a nickel-plated column of smoke and a glass container for the water, this shisha is characterized by its beauty. Unfortunately, especially Egyptian water pipes are often not very well processed. That the Egyptian Shisha has a glass foot is due to the fact that in this country sand and thus the raw material for glass is almost unlimited and cheaply available.

Turkish Shishas

In the today's time, the oriental Shisha is widespread especially in the ostarabischen area and in Egypt in various variants and under different names. The Turkish water pipe has today however a completely different appearance than the Egyptian water pipe. Turkish water pipes consist mostly completely of metal, they are made of brass, or cast. The smoking characteristics are very similar, but one will very rarely find Turkish Shishas on the German market. This is clearly dominated by the products of the Egyptian suppliers.

The origin of the water pipe

The water pipe probably came from India via Persia to the Orient in the early Middle Ages. Coconuts and bamboo were the first materials from which Shishas were made. The Turks revolutionized the water pipe and shaped the shape that is still widespread today. Unfortunately the shisha soon went down like many wonderful things from the past, it experienced a bitter descent with the spreading of cigarettes. But smoking a water pipe is completely different from smoking a cigarette. Cigarettes are for hectic, aggressive, rushed people. But when you enjoy a water pipe, you have time to think, practice patience and tolerance, and learn to appreciate good company. Shisha smokers approach life in a much more balanced way than cigarette smokers. The smoke is clearly cooler than that of a cigarette and slightly intoxicating. Within a short time the water turns brown; smokers say that this is because many of the otherwise harmful substances are filtered out. The shisha consists of four parts, the lower part is made of glass and contains the water. This part is connected to a brass, sometimes stainless steel, attachment, which is the actual heart of the pipe. This part, the column of smoke, carries the smoke, when the user inhales through the hose, from the tobacco, which is in the head or pot, through the water and into the hose attachment. The pipe as a whole may be made of glass, brass, gold, silver or wood and is richly decorated. The water pipe tobacco (Moassl) is available in various flavours. It is available as a natural scent or in variants flavoured with apple, mint, rose scent, strawberry, fruit mixture, peach or other substances, also with exotic substances such as cola, coffee or chocolate.

The water pipe / shisha has different names

  • Nargile or Arkile in Arabia
  • Djauza or Goze in Egypt
  • Schischa in the Gulf region
  • Djarrak in Saudi Arabia
  • Ruschba in the south of the Arabian Peninsula

How to smoke a water pipe?

In general one takes special water pipe tobacco - a sieve and quick igniter charcoal. The sieve comes between coal and tobacco, because this should not burn, but evaporate. All this is layered on top of the tobacco head and the annealed charcoal is placed on top.
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