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Black Leaf "Dualhead" oil + standard bong

Temporarily out of stock
Black Leaf "Dualhead" oil + standard bong
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5.0 of 5 stars 4
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Black Leaf
28 cm
Joint size:
18,8 mm
Downpipe length approx.:
Bong without shot hole, Oil, Percolator

Bongs 18,8mm Percolator Water pipe Glass


Unique smoking device by Black Leaf. Is this still a bong or yet space technology? We do not know, but the function as a normal as well as an oil pipe together with the colored percolator and the elaborately colored mouthpiece make this pipe absolutely special!
  • Black Leaf "Dualhead"
  • including oil bowl + nail
  • including standard bowl
  • with colored percolator
  • elaborately decorated colored mouthpiece
  • unique design


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5 of 5 stars
by michael on 4/29/15

Good glass work, "must have" for this price

All Rounder

5 of 5 stars
by mrnice on 7/28/14

good price ,excellent piece of glass .As said above stop looking and buy.

Excellent introduction to the world of Bong

5 of 5 stars
by VapoMondo on 4/15/15

Well what a bargain has both a bowl and a concentrate nail with a dome. Beautiful colouring on the mouthpiece and the perculator make it look like a piece from a mad alchemists lab.Wow silky smooth hits from this piece of art are super cool and tasty. I'm sure using the bowl will be just as good. So if your still hunting for one to buy or even a place to buy it, Stop you've found it. The shipping was almost at light speed; well in comparison to other e-tailers. In total it took 4 days (5 if you include Sunday)for delivery. This was overseas all be it, still in Europe(but not on the continent). Customer service is excellent as well from this site as I contacted them just after I'd made my order and had a response in under an hour. Basically as I said above if you've been scanning the Web to find a bong this place has one of the best selections and at really competitive prices. (I couldn't find another retailer that was any where near their prices let alone cheaper). So thank you Head & Nature for the brilliant service. I will be back!

entry level

4 of 5 stars
by Ricardo on 8/25/13

I have this bong until last Cristmas when it fall from the table :( It is perfect if you want to start dabbing BHO and you dont want to spend hundred of euros in a import bubbler from the USA The percolator works well and wash the smoke perfectly without loosing any taste. stop looking and get it

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