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Hemp Wick

Hemp Wick is the natural and pleasant way to light your pipes, bongs and other smoking devices. Hemp Wick consists of a thread of hemp which is coated with beeswax.


Unlike with lighters or matches, the taste of the smoking herb is not distorted when using Hemp Wick. An unpleasant taste of gas in your delicious pipe tobacco is now a thing of the past.
There are now numerous manufacturers of quality Hemp Wick, such as the popular brands Bee Line and I-Tal. These two producers are from Hawaii and you can still taste the sun and the relaxed lifestyle in their products.
All manufacturers of Hemp Wick share the same high standards concerning the quality of this natural product as well as a love for the natural way of smoking. Hemp Wick is simply the best fire starter for smokers who demand highest standards of taste and have a preference for natural delights.