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head&nature - We supply your high - Bong Kit

9.99 € *
circa £7.97

The absolute, final, incredible and unique bong kit by head&nature. Here you get everything you need for smoking! And best of all: The head&nature Set is available for a unique special …

Cleaning Kit for Bongs - 50cm Ø6cm Brush

8.99 € *
circa £7.17

This Cleaning Kit is suitable for bongs or waterpipes made from: Metal Acrylic - first try the cleaner at a hidden spot! Glass Be careful with wooden bongs. Don't use this cleaner for those …

Grace - New Collection

Blunt set with filters and rolling machine

9.99 € *
circa £7.97

The blunt set for starters in the field of blunt - everything you need in this all-in-one kit.. 10 different blunts 1 blunt rolling machine 1 package of blunt filters

Bong Accessories Kit "Kickstarter"

5.99 € *
circa £4.78

All the accessories for your bong. Everything you need in the circle of life of your bong: for preparation, ignition, cleaning and disposal. preparation 1 acrylic grinder, diameter: ca. …

Fuzion Digital Scale FZ-650 0.1g

11.99 € *
circa £9.57

Digital scale by Fuzion at a bargain price. With folding protective cover, numerous weight units and a blue LCD display. Capacity: up to 650g Accuracy: 0.1 g Measures: HxBxT 20mm x 130mm x …

Highline Pre-cooler Honeycomb 18.8

19.79 € *
circa £15.79

Modern precooler by Highline with Honeycomb percolator. The perfect combination of first-class cleaning and cooling performance. 18.8mm height 12 cm Honeycomb percolator - colors vary

Filtertip Sample pack, 10 diff. papers

4.79 € *
circa £3.82

For experimenters: 10 different filter tips by brands such as OCB, Gizeh, Futorola, Smokers Choice and many more.

head&nature metal grinder two parts colored 39mm

6.49 € *
circa £5.18

Our in-house metal grinder for all friends, fans and those who want to become one. The head&nature metal grinder is a quality crafted grinder made of aluminium with CNC machined teeth. …

Summer Special - 50 x OCB Kingsize black

24.65 € *
circa £19.67

Due to the large request extended for you: Our Summer Special for wonderful moments in and with the Green. . Can there be anything more relaxing than letting the sun burn on your belly with a …

I-TAL Hemp Wick 490cm

3.95 € *
circa £3.15

This hemp line coated with beeswax is a healthier alternative to lighting with a lighter. The I-TAL Hempwick is free of butane and sulfur. It provides not only for a better feel but also for better …

head&nature - Headshop & Smoking paraphernalia

The shop for smoking paraphernalia offers Bongs, Vaporizers, Waterpipes, Grinder, Rolling Papers, Blunts, Zip-Bags, Digital Scales and more products related to smoking. In the Grow Shop you'll find products like the Homebox and other Growtents, Indoor Growing Lamps / Light Bulbs, Activated Carbon Filters, Fans, Pollinators, Pots, Fertilizers by Hesi, Plagron BioBizz and other manuactureres and many other products for Indoor and Outdoor Growing.

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